Laser Treatment (Diowave Class IV)

Diowave Laser Treatment

Laser, Back Pain, Knee Pain, Neck Pain

Our Diowave Class IV Laser Treatments

The Diowave Class IV Laser was developed using research by company biomedical engineers and physicians as well as collaboration with a major medical school and university optics department. The Diowave company investigated important criteria such as wavelength, power and power density, optics and beam delivery in order to afford the greatest penetration and delivery of a therapeutic dose capable of stimulating tissue healing. Many years of clinical evaluation at their corporate patient treatment and physician training center led to the development of the treatment protocols now used successfully in our office. The Diowave Class IV Laser delivers results even when traditional therapies have failed. The treatment is pain-free and side-effect free, and helps to stimulate blood flow, cell repair, and tissue growth.. After performing a thorough examination, our chiropractors or physical therapists may recommend laser as an additional treatment to help you on the way to a healthy, pain free body.

Below is a case study on the effectiveness of the Class IV Laser:

Back Pain and Laser

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