Rotator Cuff Physical Therapy Recovery Program

Rotator Cuff Physical Therapy Recovery Program

Rotator cuff tears are very common injuries to the shoulder and can make daily activities that require any kind of overhead reaching to become difficult or painful. The role of the rotator cuff is to keep the arm in the shoulder socket. It attaches your humerus to your shoulder blade and helps to stabilize your arm.


The two types of tears are acute tears and degenerative tears. Acute tears may occur when you fall down on an outstretched arm or lift something overhead that is too heavy for your shoulder to handle. Degenerative tears occur over a longer period of time and are usually due to repetitive stress such as playing sports (especially baseball), weightlifting, or jobs that require prolonged use of the shoulder. The most common symptoms of rotator cuff injuries are pain and weakness when you try to lift or rotate your arm. If you suspect you have a rotator cuff tear, it is very important to see your doctor as soon as possible so as not to injure it further. In some cases, an MRI may be necessary to determine if there is a tear, and if there is, if it is a full or partial one.

Rotator Cuff Injury Physical Therapy at The Spine and Health Center of Montvale

If you have experienced a rotator cuff tear or injury and decide to do physical therapy or your doctor recommends it, one of our physical therapists will perform an initial evaluation to determine the extent and cause of the problem as well as any limitations you may be experiencing. Once the evaluation is complete, if we determine that we can indeed help you, we will create a specific and unique treatment plan for you based on your injury and your goals. Our physical therapists go beyond the standard of care and offer exceptional care to all of our patients. Treatment may consist of some or all of the following modalities depending on the extent of the rotator cuff injury: heat/ice/electrical stimulation, soft tissue and deep tissue massage, strengthening exercises, stretching, ART (Active Release Techniques), and laser. The goal for physical therapy is to restore the lost range of motion in the shoulder and to strengthen the muscles that support your shoulder to get you out of pain and reduce your risk of re-injuring your shoulder in the future.

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