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Physical Therapy and Young Athletes – 5 Benefits

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  1. Physical therapy helps prevent injuries and promotes quicker and safer recovery. For example, in aquatic therapy, young athletes perform various exercises in water to alleviate stress on their body. This form of exercise helps them strengthen their muscles and improve range of motion. In orthopedic physical therapy, your physical therapist targets injured areas to increase the blood flow there. Physical therapy in cases of injury can also target endurance, as with ACL injuries. Gradually, injured athletes recover and work to reach pre-injury endurance levels.
  2. Physical therapy boosts an athlete’s mindset. This is particularly true with injured athletes, be it an ankle sprain or a rotator cuff tear, as they get to see their progression when they rebound from an injury. Their hard work pays off in tangible ways, and they feel like they’re doing something important towards a specific goal. Physical therapy promotes active bodies and active brains, and athletes develop focus and a can-do attitude, which can do wonders for performance.
  3. Physical therapy builds strength and flexibility. If you want to improve your power, mobility, and efficiency, physical therapy helps you get there – stretching and strengthening are two of the keys of a successful physical therapy treatment plan.
  4. Physical therapy boosts endurance. Endurance is especially key in sports such as soccer, hockey and track, and our physical therapists can kickstart you on a home exercise program after your treatment is complete to help you boost your endurance.
  5. Physical therapy promotes blood circulation. If athletes want to perform at peak levels, they need the best blood and oxygen flow possible to critical areas of the body. Physical therapy helps to ensure that athletes are in a position to do that, and if they’re injured, the optimized blood flow helps them recover.

Our physical therapy department can get you back on the field or on the court quicker and help you to perform at your athletic best. Give us a call at 201.746.6577 to schedule your initial evaluation today. Keri Moran, PT, our Director of Physical Therapy has over 17 years of experience treating athletes and Bruce Buckman, PT, DPT specializes in athletic rehabilitation and performance, highlighted by a 2013 internship he did with the MLB San Francisco Giants.

Who knows, maybe you’ll even get to do some cool exercises like this and more as part of your rehab: