Shoulder Pain From Computer Use? Chiropractic Solution.

A Chiropractic Solution for Mouse Shoulder BY HOWARD PETTERSSON, DC AND J.R. GREEN, DC Dynamic Chiropractic – October 1, 2018, Vol. 36, Issue 10 Clinical literature abounds with articles about repetitive injury and conditions related to the use of electronic devices, especially stationary or desktop computers and work stations. One of these conditions that frequently brings […]

Exercise of the Week #33 – Foam Rolling Quads and Calves

Check out this week’s Exercise of the Week – Foam Rolling for the Quadriceps and Gastrocnemius (Calf) muscles. Foam rolling should be a staple in every athlete’s and weekend warrior’s workout routine. Watch the video below to see how to foam roll properly! Our Physical Therapists Keri Moran, PT Bruce Buckman PT, DPT, ART Our […]