Car Accidents

   I don’t know why, but recently a lot of patient’s have asked me about car accidents.  As many of you know I have worked a lot over the last 10 years with people who were involved in car accidents.  Although it may seem like a very daunting thing, treatment of these injuries are usually very successful with Chiropractic Care and Physical Therapy treatment.  I have been working with Personal Injury Protection Benefits (That is the motor vehicle insurance that you would use if you got into an accident) and will help you get all the coverage you need.  For some reason the car insurance companies try to make these benefits as confusing as possible for people to receive, so let me see if I can clear some things up.

First – They like to use words and phrases that most of us don’t understand;
MVA – stands for Motor Vehicle Accident, PIP – stands for personal injury protection, DPR- stands for decision point review (this is the authorization that the insurance companies require for treatment), Medpay – this is the part of the insurance that the doctor’s will bill for the benefits in the case of the car accident.  Unless specifically chosen, you medical/health insurance will not pay for care when is due to a car accident.

Second – They make you think that your insurance will go up.  In the states of New Jersey and New York (which are the states that The Spine and Health Center of Montvale usually serve) the law is No Fault.  No Fault means that the any person insured in those states, if they were involved in a car accident, will have to use their own Auto Insurance first.  This is just the State law and nothing to be worried about, especially if you were not at fault.  When the insurance carrier determines who is ultimately at fault then that person may have an increase in rates.  For example, if you were sitting at a red light and another car hit you from behind (rear-ended) then although there is no possible way it is your fault, you will still have to file a claim with your own insurance (in most cases) to cover the expenses.  This would include auto body work and medical care.  After all is said and done, the insurance companies will determine the party at fault (with the help of the police report) and that is the party who will ultimately be responsible for the accident.

Third – You do not need an attorney or a lawsuit in order to treat for injuries sustained in a car accident.  The Auto Insurance policy that you pay for every month or quarter or year has a part of the policy that is responsible for the payment of your medical claims.  When there is significant injuries, something permanent for example; scars, fractures, etc., you may want to consult with an attorney that can represent you in this matter.  You may be entitled to a settlement due to the injuries that you sustained.  My recommendation is to use an attorney that is familiar with car accidents.  Sometimes you family friend who does real estate doesn’t necessarily keep up with all the changing tides of personal injury law.

Fourth – Do not wait to come in to get an evaluation after an accident.  It is very common that the symptoms of a car accident, like a whiplash, will take a long time to express themselves.  It is a lot easier for the patient and the doctor to have these injuries evaluated as quickly as possible.  A lot of times treatment can prevent many severe aches and pains from getting so bad.  If treated in the acute phase, it is often found to speed up the recovery process and prevent long term chronic pain.

I hope this helps, especially the people who had questions.  Always feel free to call me and ask, I would be happy to help.