Injury Prevention with Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care is a type of therapy that involves non-surgical, low-cost treatment that focus on disorders involving the nervous or musculoskeletal system. This is done through maintaining a unique focus on spinal manipulation and treatment of the surrounding structures. These treatments are administered by a professional chiropractor, who uses a series of quick yet gentle […]


What is Scoliosis? Scoliosis affects about 5-7 million people in the U.S., scoliosis is a lateral curvature of more than 10 degrees in the spine. A person with scoliosis will have a C- or S-shaped curve in their spine. It can appear at any age, but it often presents from the age of 10 to 12 years, […]

Forward Head Posture

Forward head posture, sometimes called “Scholar’s Neck”, “Text Neck”, or “Reading Neck”, refers to a posture where the head appears to be positioned in front of the body. It is a very common condition that I see in the office almost on a daily basis. Technically speaking, forward head posture means that the skull is […]

Whiplash Injuries

What is a Whiplash Injury? Whiplash, also called neck sprain or neck strain, is an injury to the soft tissues of the neck. Whiplash injuries occur in sports where a forceful impact (commonly from behind) causes an athlete’s head and neck to snap forward and back in an abrupt, violent motion. It is commonly seen in car accidents, but some […]

Tips to Deal With Long Term Stress

Stress affects us all in one way or another. There’s no escaping it…Sorry! The important thing to understand is that not all stress is bad stress. The kind of stress that is good for us is the sort that occurs when we are facing imminent danger. In this case, the age-old fight or flight response […]

10 Professional Athletes Who Use Chiropractic Care

10 Pro Athletes Who Use Chiropractic Care Posted on April 29, 2018 by Revelation Health Centre Why do so many athletes from a broad range of sports rely on Chiropractic Care? Well, there’s no doubt that seeing a Chiropractor regularly has many benefits not just for athletes, but for everyone who commits to treatment. However, athletes tend to experience much larger […]

Chiropractic is Not What You Think: The Science & Art of Healing

Chiropractic is Not What You Think: The Science & Art of Healing A Parent’s Story by Ed Arranga, guest author “Chiropractic did not originate to treat pain: it originated to promote health.” — Anonymous Chiropractic is known around the world. There are chiropractors in over 100 countries and 90 of those countries have national associations. The American […]

Get Healthy and Pain Free with Chiropractic

GET HEALTHY AND PAIN FREE WITH CHIROPRACTIC CARE American Chiropractic Association –   Chiropractic is a health care profession that focuses on disorders of the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system, and the effects of these disorders on general health. Doctors of chiropractic—often referred to as DCs, chiropractors or chiropractic physicians—practice a drug-free, hands-on […]

The Bergen County Baseball Tournament is Almost Here…

The Bergen County Baseball Tournament is Almost Here… Dr. Michael O’Reilly, DPT   Baseball may be America’s favorite pastime, but is the throwing motion we all know so well actually detrimental to your body? It does not have to be! Trust me, I would like to preface this article by stating you would be hard […]

Avoiding and Treating Heel Pain

Avoiding and Treating Tendon Dysfunction Dr.Bruce Buckman PT, DPT, ART    Background  It has been reported that approximately 1 in 10 individuals will develop chronic heel pain with nearly 2 million Americans affected annually. Furthermore, tendinopathies of the Achilles tendon affect 2% of the general adult population. The typical report of pain presentation of plantar […]