Exercise of the Week #15 – Book Openers for Thoracic Spine Mobility

Check out this week’s Exercise of the Week – Book Openers for Thoracic Spine mobility. It is important to note that your head follows your arm and you are exhaling on the way down. Proper breathing is key to getting the full effect from this exercise. Our Physical Therapists Keri Moran, PT Bruce Buckman, PT, […]

Exercise of the Week #5 – Single Leg Bosu Ball Star Excursions

This exercise is great for balance and proprioception as well as strengthening the hip and knee joints. Check it out! Also be sure to call us at 201.746.6577 or email drpete@thespineandhealthcenter.com to reserve your seat for our Knee Injury Prevention Workshop on March 8 at 7 PM. Our Physical Therapists Keri Moran, PT Bruce Buckman, […]

I have Bursitis and Tendonitis! What is it?

I get so many patient’s that are diagnosed with bursitis and tendonitis and they have absolutely no idea what it is.  All they know is that they went to their doctor, they looked at the area of complaint for a second or two.  They saw that the patient can move the body part ok, but […]

Condition of the Week- Scoliosis

Every two weeks we are showcasing a condition that is commonly seen in the office. This week’s Condition of the Week is Scoliosis. Early detection of this condition is important because it can have life long effects. Scoliosis What every parent should know: Understanding Scoliosis: Scoliosis is a progressive musculoskeletal disorder in which there is […]

Stress Management – Quick Strategies for Coping with Stress

The Quick Take Away: Eat less sugar: sugar is an extraordinary stress-inducing food that undermines our health in countless ways. Sleep more: go to bed earlier because you still have to get up at your usual time, so to get more rest – one the most effective stress relief behavior you can engage in, and it’s free […]