HURRICANE SANDY CAUSING HEADACHES, and back pain, and neck pain, and…

I was just sitting down in the middle of a few morning adjustments and the big thing on everyone’s mind is obviously Hurricane Sandy and the preparations they are making/ need to make/ already made. And I got to thinking that couldn’t this be a metaphor for how many of us treat our body.

Think about it.

Whenever there is a hurricane people flock to the stores to stock up on hurricane supplies both perishable and nonperishable. For our purposes lets talk just about the non-perishable items, namely stuff that isn’t food. Home Depot and Lowes are crazy places right now with people buying up candles, batteries, flashlights, generators (wherever any are left), cutting plywood to cover windows, containers to hold emergency water, etc. To me this is a metaphor for how most of us deal with all issues. We ignore the risks and ramifications associated with our actions and in-actions and then frantically scurry about trying to make things right at the 11th hour. This is all stuff that we should have on hand anyway.

Hurricanes have been hitting our area for hundreds or thousands of years, if not more. Why do we act surprised when another one is coming. Whatever happened to ‘be prepared.’ This means being ready for as much as possible at all times.

When it comes to your health, how do you prepare? Do you wait until you are on the brink of permanent disability or disease before addressing your health problems? Or do you prepare by getting plenty of rest, exercise, good food, having a good attitude, and a body that is functioning the way it should?

Being able to successfully overcome challenges, whether with hurricanes or your health, preparation is key.

So ‘Be prepared.’

 We are open today, for now, to help everyone out.  We will stay open as long as we can.  We have a generator all ready to go in case we lose power and we will open as soon as possible after Hurricane Sandy blows by.  Call now if you would like to get in, but most importantly please be safe!

Thank you Dr. Russ for some of the info.