Exercise of the Week #12 – Scap Stability Step-Overs

Check out this week’s Exercise of the Week – Scap Stability Step-Overs. Building on last week’s Scap Stability Clocks, this exercise helps to build shoulder and scapular strength and stability. Our Physical Therapists Keri Moran, PT Bruce Buckman, PT, DPT Our Physical Therapy Services Our Chiropractor Services DISCLAIMER: NOTHING AVAILABLE THROUGH OR ON THIS WEBSITE […]

Exercise of the Week #7 – Alternating Extensions with Resistance

This week’s Exercise of the Week is Alternating Upper Extremity/Lower Extremity Extensions against the resistance of a band. It is great for core strength and stability and developing arm and leg strength as well. Check it out! Also be sure to call us at 201.746.6577 or email drpete@thespineandhealthcenter.com to reserve your seat for our Knee Injury […]

Exercise of the Week #3 – Volleyball Bumps on the Bosu Ball

This week’s exercise of the week is one that focuses on stabilization of the lower extremities while an athlete performs a sport specific exercise. In this case, the athlete is performing a volleyball “bump” but the exercise can be modified to be specific to other sports such as baseball and basketball. It is great when […]

Importance of the Hip Muscles in Lower Quarter Injuries

By Dr. Bruce Buckman, PT, DPT In attending physical therapy for a lower body injury, you may find yourself completing exercises that are seemingly unrelated to the injury in which you have sustained. There is a method behind the madness, and here it is! The Gluteus Medius Muscle, is one in particular that you may […]

Exercise of the Week #2 – Bosu Ball Balancing

Welcome to Episode 2 of The Spine and Health Center’s Exercise of the Week. This week’s exercise is a Bosu Ball Balance with adductor squeeze with simultaneous alternating shoulder extensions. That’s a mouthful isn’t it?! This complex exercise addresses upper and lower extremity strength, core stability, and dynamic balance reactions. Check out the video to […]

3 Great “Core” Strengthening Exercises

Hopefully you were able to get through with weekend without any injuries and just some residual soreness. We know it’s probably going to snow again, so to be better prepared for next time, here are some core stabilization and strengthening exercises that can help you strengthen those muscles that might feel pretty sore right about […]

Top 5 Stretches Before Shoveling Snow

by Dr. Christopher Kahanec, DC With our first big snow storm well on its way to Montvale and the entire northeast, it’s time not only to prepare our houses, but our bodies! A recent study at the Center for Injury Research and Policy of The Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital found that approximately 11,500 snow shoveling-related injuries […]

Physical Therapy and Young Athletes – 5 Benefits

Physical therapy helps prevent injuries and promotes quicker and safer recovery. For example, in aquatic therapy, young athletes perform various exercises in water to alleviate stress on their body. This form of exercise helps them strengthen their muscles and improve range of motion. In orthopedic physical therapy, your physical therapist targets injured areas to increase the […]

Home Care Physical Therapy in Bergen County – Active PT Home Care

We are excited to introduce Active PT Home Care, a Bergen County based home care physical therapy company co-founded by Dr. Kelly Blundy, D.C. and Keri Moran, PT.  Keri owned and ran a home care company for nine years prior to becoming the Director of Physical Therapy at The Spine and Health Center of Montvale. […]

ACL Tears and Injuries – The What, The Why and The How

Everything You Need to Know About ACL Tears DR. BRUCE JOSEPH BUCKMAN, PT, DPT You no longer have to be an avid sports fan to hear about the ACL any more. If you are a parent of a young athlete, a recreational athlete, or weekend warrior, I would surely bet that you have heard of this ligament […]