Why People Are Choosing Acupuncture Over Opioids for Pain Relief

Why People Are Choosing Acupuncture Over Opioids for Pain Relief

The ancient form of alternative medicine is growing in popularity as a viable treatment for a range of conditions. In the midst of the opioid crisis, acupuncture has been growing in popularity in the United States.

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Shoulder Pain From Computer Use? Chiropractic Solution.

A Chiropractic Solution for Mouse Shoulder


Dynamic Chiropractic – October 1, 2018, Vol. 36, Issue 10

Clinical literature abounds with articles about repetitive injury and conditions related to the use of electronic devices, especially stationary or desktop computers and work stations.

Exercise of the Week #11 – Scap Stability Clocks

Check out this week’s Exercise of the Week – Scap Stability Clocks. This exercise is great for shoulder and scapular strength and stability. The first way is in a quadruped position and the second and more advanced version is in a plank position.

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Chiropractic Treatment for the Shoulder

Check out what just one chiropractic treatment for the shoulder did for this patient. Dr. Kelly Blundy, D.C. is a chiropractic physician who can help you get your range of motion back. Be it from a rotator cuff injury, frozen shoulder, arthritis, impingement, or some other injury, limited shoulder range of motion can affect a lot of our everyday activities.

Shoulder Impingement Syndrome : Supraspinatus Tendonitis

I began doing yoga in 2003. It helped with so many of my physical issues I was hooked instantly! Years of dance class made me a natural at the bendy twisty poses.

Two years ago I was in a restorative relaxing gentle class. We were told to go into Cow Face Pose.

This pose doesn’t make me think,