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Tips From Chiropractors in New Jersey: How to Have Good Posture While Driving

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Having good posture while you drive is important, especially if you are like many people and spend at least 30 minutes a day in your car. With bad traffic, errands and the like, sometimes you might even spend up to several hours a day behind the wheel. Here are several tips from chiropractors in New Jersey to keep you healthy. Car Seat Ergonomics If you practice bad posture during all those hours in your car, you’re bound to feel the effects at some point. The setup of your car seat is the top factor you need to consider when you drive, but do you know how to best adjust your car seat? Most people do not, according to chiropractors in New Jersey. Leg Room Position your car seat so that your thigh can relax yet still be supported. You should not have to squeeze your legs nor stretch them out to reach the gas or accelerator. • Keep your knees bent just a bit. Locking them cuts off some circulation, and you could become faint or even black out. • You should give your pelvis and legs ample space to move while you drive. This approach avoids too much pressure on any one area and ensures healthy blood circulation. Seat Tilt, Angle and Height Your seat should evenly support your buttocks and thighs. The backs of your knees should make no contact with the seat. Angle your seat from 100 to 110 degrees. A Posture Medic may help you keep correct posture if you have a habit of leaning forward or hunching when you drive. As for height, the seat should afford you a good line of sight out the windshield, but your legs should not touch the steering wheel. Other Tips • Get a lumbar support device if your car does not have one. Strive for even support rather than S-curve support. • Maintain the steering wheel so it keeps your body relaxed. • Do not sit on your wallet, or you risk your pelvis twisting, which hurts your back.