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Why Chiropractors in New Jersey Recommend an Ideal Protein Diet

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Experts agree that a healthy weight can lead to a healthy back. Thus, people with back problems should adopt a regular exercise routine and lose weight when necessary. And this is why some chiropractors in New Jersey recommend the Ideal Protein diet.


Obesity and Back Pain

According to the American Obesity Association (AOA), muscoskeletal pain (specifically back pain) is prevalent in almost one third of Americans who are classified as obese. This is primarily because the added weight strains the muscles and ligaments in the back, causing the spine to tilt. Extra weight in the midsection also aggravates the condition since it pulls the pelvis forward and strains the lower back.


Generally, people with weight problems are at a higher risk of sciatica and low back pain, pinched nerves and piriformis syndrome, and arthritis of the spine.


Why go With The Ideal Protein Diet

Recognizing the fact that excess weight can cause or aggravate back pain, chiropractors in New Jersey recommend the Ideal Protein diet for people with back problems. Unlike all other diets, this technique helps patients set their weight loss goals and work toward achieving it with the help of their own health coach. But it doesn’t stop there. The program also teaches people how they can stabilize and maintain their ideal weight to keep the pounds off after dieting.


The Ideal Protein diet is a medically designed 4-phase protocol originally developed by Dr. Tran Tien Chanh in France over 25 years ago. By getting into the program, patients can expect to get the following results:

  • Quick and structured weight loss without sacrificing muscle mass
  • Personal approach to setting your weight loss goal based on your personal health profile
  • Weekly one-on-one coaching to help you reach your goal and learn how to eat smarter
  • Improved energy and reduced cravings (usually by day 4 or 5)
  • Improved blood sugar and cholesterol levels, reduced blood pressure and improved skin tone


Remember, maintaining a healthy weight can help ease existing spine problems and reduce the risk of developing one in the future so start losing all those excess pounds and keep them away for good with the Ideal Protein diet.