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Pediatric Physical Therapy

Pediatric Physical Therapy in Park Ridge, NJ

Pediatric physical therapists work with children to increase their degree of movement, endurance, balance, flexibility, and patterns of motion. Dr. Kelly Blundy, IFMCP, DC, BCIM, ART, and her dedicated team of professionals at The Spine and Health Center support children with their routine tasks. For more information, please contact us or schedule an appointment online. We are located at 146 Kinderkamack Rd Suite D, Park Ridge, NJ 07656.

Pediatric Physical Therapy Near Me in Park Ridge NJ
Pediatric Physical Therapy Near Me in Park Ridge NJ

Table of Contents:

What is a pediatric physical therapist?
What does a pediatric physical therapist do?
How is pediatric physical therapy different from physical therapy?
What conditions are treated by Pediatric physiotherapy?

What is a pediatric physical therapist?

A pediatric physical therapist specializes in providing rehabilitation support and treatments to infants, children, and adolescents. Our specialists are dedicated to promoting optimal physical development and addressing a wide range of concerns that impede a child’s movement and functional abilities.
Pediatric physical therapists are trained to address a myriad of conditions, such as congenital disorders, developmental delays, orthopedic injuries, and neurological disorders. Through a combination of therapeutic approaches, hands-on techniques, and play-based movements, pediatric physical therapists can enhance your child’s mobility, strength, and overall physical function.
The key focus of pediatric physical therapy is to support children in achieving their developmental milestones. This includes assisting infants in developing essential motor skills such as crawling and walking, as well as helping older children refine their coordination and balance.
Our skilled pediatric physical therapists work closely with parents and caregivers to create thorough and effective treatment strategies that cater to each child’s unique needs and successfully enhance their wellness.

What does a pediatric physical therapist do?

Pediatric physical therapists specialize in providing expert care to children under the age of 18. They can address a diverse range of needs from newborns to teenagers. These dedicated professionals play an important role in supporting children with various symptoms and disorders, including issues related to bones, muscles, sports injuries, and disorders affecting the brain, spine, or nerves.
One of the key responsibilities of pediatric physical therapists is to assess and address the unique challenges that children face during their physical development. From helping infants achieve crucial motor milestones to assisting teenagers recovering from sports injuries, our therapists utilize a holistic and personalized approach to care.
Our experts use a combination of evidence-based therapeutic techniques, play-based exercises, as well as hands-on therapies. These strategies will enhance your child’s mobility, balance, coordination, flexibility, and strength, as well as reduce frustrating symptoms such as stiffness and discomfort. Visiting a pediatric physical therapist is essential to accurately determine what’s affecting your child’s motor skills.
In summary, the dynamic approach offered at The Spine and Health Center not only enhances physical well-being but also creates a positive and engaging environment for children.

How is pediatric physical therapy different from physical therapy?

Pediatric physical therapy is a specialized branch of care that addresses the distinctive needs of infants and youth. While traditional physical therapy encompasses a broad spectrum of patients across many age groups, pediatric physical therapy focuses exclusively on the specific developmental challenges and conditions affecting kids from infancy through adolescence.
In addition to their expertise in addressing physical limitations, pediatric physical therapists know exactly how to create a nurturing and engaging environment for their young patients. By incorporating play-based activities and age-appropriate exercises, our therapists select methods that resonate with children to facilitate a positive therapeutic experience.
Overall, pediatric physical therapy not only focuses on physical rehabilitation but also considers the other unique needs of children. Through a specialized and compassionate approach, our pediatric physical therapists support the wellness and optimal development of the youngest members of our community.

What conditions are treated by Pediatric physiotherapy?

Pediatric physical therapists treat a wide array of conditions that affect the wellness and development of youth, including:
Orthopedic conditions: Pediatric physical therapists treat musculoskeletal issues, including fractures, joint problems, and disorders affecting bones and muscles.
Gait abnormalities: Children with abnormal walking patterns should receive physiotherapy to correct gait issues and improve mobility.
Sports injuries: Active children involved in sports commonly experience injuries. Pediatric physical therapists play a crucial role in their rehabilitation and help them regain strength and function as quickly as possible.
Developmental delays: Our specialists can address delays in gross motor skills and support patients in achieving age-appropriate milestones.
Neurological disorders: Children with neurological conditions, such as cerebral palsy or spina bifida, can benefit from physical therapy. Our specialists can support them in enhancing motor skills and mobility to elevate their quality of life.
Genetic conditions: It’s recommended for children with certain genetic conditions, such as Down syndrome or muscular dystrophy, to see a pediatric physical therapist to manage some of the challenges associated with these disorders.
Our professionals at The Spine and Health Center examine each child’s growth requirements, establish suitable objectives, and construct an appropriate treatment plan to assist your child in growing healthily. For more information, please contact us or schedule an appointment online. We are located at 146 Kinderkamack Rd Suite D, Park Ridge, NJ 07656. We serve patients from Park Ridge NJ, Montvale NJ, Closter NJ, Park Ridge NJ, Westwood NJ, Hillsdale NJ, Woodcliff Lake NJ, Alpine NJ, Englewood NJ, Hackensack NJ, Dumont NJ, and surrounding areas.

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